Sustainable Materials Management

Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) is the WTS process designed to use and reuse materials more productively over their entire product lifecycle by objectively evaluating material inputs and outputs, and responsibly connecting producers and end-users of by-products and products, thus increasing circularity. Our SMM service solutions are designed to address material properties and composition at their points of origin, while bridging logistic infrastructure in a manner that will create value.

WTS has established a pre-qualified network of manufacturers, distributors, and chemical
reclamation suppliers along with an experienced team of engineers, chemists, environmental
managers, and information management specialists that collectively enhance sustainability
performance along the chemical supply chain.

Our SMM solutions are custom-designed to logistically connect producers, distributors and
end-users of various categories of reusable materials, for example:

  • Chemical solvents, including: alcohols, acetates, amines, glycols, ketones
  • Chemical catalysts
  • Inorganic and Organic Chemicals Products as well as by-products
  • Acids and Alkaline Solutions
  • Petroleum-based fluids and discarded fuels
  • Filter media and Spent Absorbents
  • Fiber, Plastic, Apparel, Glass, Rubber and Metal commodities
  • Maintenance / Cleaning, Utility and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Coatings, paints, adhesives and specialty chemicals
  • Packaged Consumer Goods