Sustainable Product / By-Product Reuse

Material DescriptionQuantityMaterial LocationMaterial Current Classification
Cured Butyl Rubber Bladder Scrap100 Tons annuallyLittle Rock, LA
latex residue absorbed into corn cob (dewatered)150-180 tons/yearMidland, MIWaste,By-Product
Corn Syrup200-500 gallons/monthZeeland, MIVirgin Material,Off-Spec
Kaffee CAS -HDI- aliphatic diisocyanateunder evaluationBaytown, TXBy-Product
Butyl Rubber Cuttings (majority uncured)60 Tons AnnuallyLittle Rock, ARWaste
N,N-Dimethylformamide, CAS #68-12-2200 LGreenwood, SCVirgin Material
95% Ethanol15,000 gallonsWaseca, MNVirgin Material
Food grade oil2,200 gallons/monthZeeland, MIOff-Spec,Virgin Material
Lithium chlorideMead, COBy-Product
Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (TBA) manufactured by Lyondell33,704 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Denatonium Benzoate manufactured by Bitrex25 net kgWaseca, MNExpired
Denatonium Benzoate manufactured by ChemCeed225 net KgWaseca, MNExpired
RapidGel EZ1 manufactured by 3V Sigma207,270 lbsWaseca, MN
RapidGel EX1 (PARTIAL TOTES)2,364 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Lavender oil manufactured by Health Beauty & Natural Oils770 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Cucumber Fragrance manufactured by Alpha Aromatics16,980 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Fresh Citrus Floral Fragrance manufactured by Arylessance965 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Q3 Videt/WinSurf manufactured by WIN Manuco4,542 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Phosphoric Acid 85% Food Grade manufactured by Seeler Industries4,200 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
St. Ives Citrus Energizing Fragrance manufactured by Ochidia105 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Aculyn 38 Polymer manufactured by DOW3,318 lbs Waseca, MNExpired
Amp-Ultra PC 2000 Neutralizing Amine manufactured by Angus Chemical1,672 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Citric Acid manufactured by APAC46 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Spearmint WS Fragrance402 lbs Waseca, MNExpired
Hand sanitizer fragrance191.1 lbsWaseca, MNExpired
Methanol~30,000 gal/yrSavannah, GABy-Product,Waste
Mixed SolventsGreensboro, NCWaste
Mixed Solvents12,000,000 lbsSalisbury, NCWaste
95% NMP w/ 4% PGMEA, 1% XyleneGreensboro, NCBy-Product
Dibutyl maleate, liquid, CAS #105-76-0200 kgGreenwood, SCVirgin Material
Solid KNO3 used for glass ion exchange 3 roll-offs/year plus miscellaneous drums and cubic yard boxesBig Flats, NYSpent
Rags with HeptaneLoad every six weeksLittle RockWaste
0.1N Sodium Hydroxide124 x 55gallonTonawanda, NYVirgin Material
Styrene Acrylic Polymer - ALMACRYL XPA 8004171,000 poundsVirgin Material
Toluene Condensate24-55 gallon drums/monthZeeland, MI By-Product
Waste Nutritional Material-Liquid4,000-20,000gallons/monthZeeland, MIBy-Product
98% XyleneGreensboro, NCCo-Product
Zep instant hand sanitizer 8788976 totes @275 gallonsCartersville, GAExpired,Off-Spec