Sustainable Product / By-Product Reuse

Product/ ByproductLocationVolume / QuantityGeneral Comments
2-Thiophenecarboxylic acidNew York40 tonsunused chemical product
Acetic Anhydride/Methyl Acetate solutionTexas202,500 lbs68.3% Acetic Anhydride, 24% Methyl Acetate, 7.7% Acetic Acid
Aluminum Hydroxide Filter CakeSouth Carolina3,000-4,000 tons annuallyWWT filter cake, 70% water content
Aluminum SlabNew York18 slabs
50,928 lbs.
P1020 aluminum used in furnaces, w/ some residue on outer layer
Aqueous AmmoniaKentucky45,000 every 2-4 months
Diacetone AlcoholVarious States122 x 430 lb drumsOff-color, red tint
DMF (dimethylformamide)Colorado240,422 gallons by end of March 202199% DMF, 1% water
Ethyl AcetateSouth Carolina240,000 lbs per yearwaste solvent: 83-84% ethyl acetate, 9-10% 2-amino-1-propanol, also includes water, cresylic acid, propanoic acid ethyl ester, & phenol
Fume SilicaNew York45,000 lbs per monthHigh PurityFume Silica (soot), generated and collected in the
plant’s baghouse operation
Hand SanitizerNew York177 pallets (2 bottles per box)
HeptanesNew York9 totesdistilled heptane with 1-2% dimethylformamide
IPA/WaterArizona15,000 lbs per month33% IPA, 67% Water
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)South Carolina280,000 lbs per yearwaste solvent: 40-50% MEK; 5-10% Methanol; 1-10% IPA; 1-10% 1-methoxy-2-proponal; other constituents include acetone, toluene, N Butanol, isobutanol…
PE WaxLouisiana200,000 lbs in stock, 5-10 tons monthlybyproduct, ethylene based polymer
PTFEMarylandapproximately 1 million pounds per yearbyproduct material
Quicklime (calcium oxide)Pennsylvania8-9000 tonsunused product used in steel/paper manufacturing
Sodium FluorosilicatePennsylvania11,000 lbsexpired in Nov. 2020, some of the material has hardened and can be reconditioned
Sodium SulfateNorth Carolina8-12,000 metric tons/year (600+ mt/mth)byproduct, synthetic material
Sulfuric Acid 94%Arkansas3 million lbs/yearspent sulfuric acid with <1% tetrabromophthalic anhydride
Tetrasodium EDTANew York12,800 lbs (160 25 kg bags, 80 50 lb bags)unused chemical product
Thermal Plastic Polyurethane (TPU)Arizona70,000 lbs per yearmanufacturing scrap
Toluene/MethanolColorado211,360 gallons/month45-55% toluene, 42-47% methanol, 1-5% Isopropyl Acetate 1-5% n-Heptane, <2% non volatile organic compound
TPUWest Virginia4 tons per monthbyproduct TPU, 3 forms: molten chunks, beads & dust
Vinyl Compression Tile
(Calcium Carbonate)
Country-Wide1-2 million pounds (monthly)scrap flooring tile
Welding Slag with ManganeseColorado315,000 lbs/monthRoughly 33% zirconium, 33% manganese and 33% ferrous