Sustainable Product / By-Product Reuse


Product / ByproductLocationVolume / QuantityGeneral Comments Inquire
2-HapTX1 trailer every ~10 days By-product, StreamInquire Here
2-Thiophenecarboxylic acidNY40 tonsunused chemical product
40% Methanol / 60% water solutionOH500,000 lbs annuallyAutomotive Coatings, Waste Stream
50% sodium hydroxideMI41888 lbsRaw Material, Surplus
50% sodium hydroxideMI 41888 lbsSurplus Raw Material
85-95% recovered styrene TN35000 lbsDispersions and Resins, Co-product
Acetic Anhydride/Methyl Acetate solutionTX202,500 lbs68.3% Acetic Anhydride, 24% Methyl Acetate, 7.7% Acetic Acid
ALAMINE 3088  TX14392 lbsOilfield/Mining Solutions
Alumina Nabalox 313 GA381400 lbsCatalysts, Commercial Product
Alumina Nabalox 313 GA381400 lbsCatalysts
Aluminum Hydroxide Filter CakeSC3,000-4,000 tons annuallyWWT filter cake, 70% water content
Aluminum hydroxide oxide (Alumax PB950)GA306945 lbsCatalysts, Commercial Product
Aluminum SlabNY10 slabsP1020 aluminum used in furnaces, w/ some residue on outer layer
Aqueous AmmoniaKY~45,000 every 2-4 months
Basocorr 2005Alberta81130 lbsOilfield/Mining Solutions
Basodrill 3000TX34180 lbsOilfield/Mining Solutions
Breox B 25TX96 drumsFuel and Lubricants
Calcium SilicateOntario13,860 lbsUnused chemical product
Caprolactam kettle bottomsTX1.3M Lbs/AnnuallyMultiple, Stream
Cyclohexanone (AG02)AZ750,000 quarterlybyproduct solvent, often used in semiconductor industry
Distillation residue:
High boiling point by-products from the manufacture of 2-ethylhexanol
TX37974 lbsOilfield/Mining Solutions
Distillation residue:
High boiling point by-products from the manufacture of 2-ethylhexanol containing small amount of 2-EH
TX13,889 lbsOilfield/Mining Solutions
Ferric Nitrate, 55%NY23 drumsCOA/SDS pending
Fume SilicaNY45,000 lbs per monthHigh PurityFume Silica (soot), generated and collected in the
plant’s baghouse operation
HeptanesNY9 totes
Hydrochloric acidLA20,000 tons availableCo-Product, Virgin Stream
Hydrochloric AcidNY6 drums
Hydrocholric Acid 32-38%NJ2 x 55 gallon drumsUnused chemical product
Hydroxylammonium sulphate 25KG 5H4 1GA4,078 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
Hydroxylammonium sulphate 500KG 13H3GA4,409 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
Lanthanum AcetateLA2739 lbsProcess Catalyst, Commercial Product
MethanolGA66 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
PE WaxLA200,000 lbs in stock, 5-10 tons monthlybyproduct, ethylene based polymer
Pluradyne OF 90TX12328 lbsOilfield Mining
PTFEMDapproximately 1 million pounds per yearbyproduct material
Recovered Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (50%-60%)LA88,000-132,000 lb/month Chemical Intermediates, Co-Product Stream
Recycled Sodium DiSilicate (RSDS)GA12533.28 lb/dailyStream
Silicate CakeGA1000 tons/monthMultiple, Stream
Silicate CakeGA1000 tons/monthMultiple, Stream
SodiumGA71 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
Sodium AcetateGA13,298 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
Sodium Acrylate Polymer Waste Water StreamTX192MT/day Waste Stream, Stream
Sodium ThiocyanateFL33,900 lbs1-off, unclear why product is foaming
Styrofan NX 4458Canada132277.36 lbsDispersions and Resins, Commercial Product
Sulfuric Acid 94%AR3 million lbs/yearspent sulfuric acid with <1% tetrabromophthalic anhydride
Sulfuric Acid 98%IL176369.81 lb/monthRaw Material, Stream
Tetrasodium EDTANY12,800 lbs (160 25 kg bags, 80 50 lb bags)unused chemical product
Thermal Plastic Polyurethane (TPU)AZ70,000 lbs per yearmanufacturing scrap
TolueneNYTwo trailers
TOLUENE (TDI GRADE)GA397 lbsRaw Material, Toller Products
TPUWV4 tons per monthbyproduct TPU, 3 forms: molten chunks, beads & dust
Vinyl Compression Tile (Calcium Carbonate)Country-Wide1-2 million pounds (monthly)scrap flooring tile